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If you or someone you care for sustains an injury at work, it’s within your rights to file a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes this process can be challenging, especially if your employer is unwilling to cooperate or claims you were at fault.

The smart move is to work with an experienced legal team to fight for your right to proper compensation. The skilled litigation team at Sumwalt Anderson will take your hand through the entire process to ensure you get all that you are entitled to under the law.

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Salisbury Workers’ Comp lawyer

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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation laws protect workers, taxpayers, and employers from unpredictable events and expensive litigation. The Workers’ Compensation Act provides injured workers and, in certain instances their dependents, a no-fault system through which they can be compensated for injuries at work. It covers accidental injuries occurring due to and during work activities.  It also covers occupational diseases that workers develop from their work activities.  The benefits provided through workers’ compensation are limited and cover a percentage of lost wages, payment of medical bills, and in some cases, payment for the permanent disability that the worker is left with.  In exchange for these limited benefits that are owed to an injured worker whether they were at fault or not, the employer is exposed to less liability than it would otherwise be in a civil claim where additional damages, like pain and suffering, were at stake.  Despite this justification, employers and insurance companies often fight to deny workers’ compensation claims.

Working with our aggressive and experienced Salisbury, NC, workers’ compensation attorneys will help ensure your claim’s positive outcome.

In a previous case, we recovered $2,700,000.00 on behalf of a gentleman working as a vinyl window installer. He was on a metal ladder when the ladder landed on a live electrical wire.

What Does Workers’ Comp Cover in North Carolina?

In case of work-related illnesses or injuries, workers’ compensation benefits help to cover:

Medical Expenses

Workers’ comp insurance helps injured workers cover medical expenses resulting from work-related illnesses or injuries. It includes:

  • Medical prescriptions
  • Necessary surgeries
  • Equipment required for daily care, mobility, and physical therapy
  • Visits to the emergency room
  • Medical appointments for general care and pain relief.

Such medical care doesn’t require you to cover co-pays or meet any deductible once your workers’ compensation claim has been accepted or our Salisbury workers’ compensation lawyers help you pursue a determination from the NC Industrial Commission that your claim should be accepted. If you feel the doctor’s treatment plans are not helping, our team can request a hearing on your behalf under workers’ comp laws in North Carolina.

Wage Loss Benefits

Workers’ comp helps injured workers who lost income due to work-related illnesses or injuries. Although it is not a complete replacement, most workers receive nearly two-thirds of their regular income. Our experience in the industry empowers our team to ensure you get the maximum wage loss benefits you deserve.

Permanent Injury Benefits

Sometimes the work-related injuries are severe enough to cause disability such as traumatic brain injury or limb loss. You have a right to claim compensation to help manage the disability. In some cases, the doctor or insurance company makes the process challenging. At Sumwalt Anderson, we are ready to overcome any hurdles to ensure you receive proper disability benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation benefits workers who reach the maximum medical improvement level but remain unable to work.

You can receive about two-thirds of the average wages you earn per week while undergoing evaluation and training for a new job. Get a free consultation today and let our Salisbury, NC, workers’ compensation lawyer take care of the hard work.

Compensation for Severe Spine and Back Injuries

For most people, a spinal cord or back injury means continuous medical care for the rest of their lives. Besides the expensive medical bills, you will also be unable to earn any income.

With such an uncertain financial future, you need the best legal team in your corner. At the Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm, we carry the weight on your behalf.

Documenting Your Accident or Injury at the Workplace

Following the proper procedures after sustaining a work-related injury can make all the difference when claiming your workers’ compensation benefits. If you get injured at work and you want to claim your workers’ compensation benefits, it’s essential to act fast. Delays on your end can cause potential issues when claiming the benefits.

After an injury, make sure you inform your employer:

  • That you sustained an injury while working
  • How the injury occurred
  • The exact date and time, if possible, of the injury.

Your employer should write a report of your injury on Industrial Commission Form 19. However, it’s essential to note that no law or act obligates your employer to submit an actual claim on your behalf.

Filing the claim with your employer is only the first step. The follow-up steps can be challenging for you since it involves multiple aspects to consider, such as:

There Are Specific Time Limits When Filing a Claim

Your claim gets filed only after the injured worker files a Form 18.  There is a time limit for filing this form.  We can help you make sure you do not miss your deadline.

Form 19 is your employer’s injury recording, so it’s not a claim. There are other forms you must file. You may have the correct form on file, but the statute of limitations will remain active unless the form accurately documents all your injuries.

Luckily, we have a deep understanding and vast experience with workers’ compensation benefits. Let us do all the heavy lifting as you focus on getting better.

You Don’t Have to See the Doctors the Insurance Company Recommends

According to General Statutes 97-25, you can choose to see any physician as long as you have approval from the Industrial Commission. It’s also your right to get a private examination by your doctor without having the insurance company’s nurse there.

At Sumwalt Anderson, we will protect your rights and ensure you receive the best medical care plans based on your specific needs.

Look at our previous cases to get an idea of our success rate and how much you can receive.

Meet Our Attorneys

Mark Sumwalt has experience practicing law since 1981, particularly with workers’ compensation. He excels in this field, having litigated hundreds of cases across the state.

Mark Sumwalt doesn’t back away from a fight, as evident in the numerous appeals he has taken to the North Carolina Supreme Court and North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Mark’s exceptional performance landed him an award as Lawyer of the Year – Charlotte: Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants. He remains part of the Executive Committee North Carolina Advocates for Justice, previously North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Richard “Rick” Anderson jump-started his law career at Price & Smith Attorneys at Law, where he earned a partnership within six years.

Rick has extensive experience handling cases of:

  • Catastrophic personal injury
  • Medical negligence, and
  • Workers’ compensation.

He has a proven track record representing people with various levels of paralysis, amputations, and severe traumatic brain injury.

He skillfully presents catastrophic cases to the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the Full Commission, and the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Lauren Walker – no description provided.  Needs to be added.

With such a force in your corner, you can rest assured that he will strive for a positive outcome.

Why Choose Us

Our Client-Focused Strategies

Our legal team takes time to listen and guide you based on the best move for your specific situation. We develop a unique approach to every case to ensure you get justice and the maximum compensation you deserve.

Honest and Genuine Advice

Our passionate workers’ comp lawyers in Salisbury apply cumulative skills, knowledge, and experience to offer the best advice to ensure positive results.

We will give you transparent advice to allow you to make better-informed decisions in your best interests.

Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers Understand the System

We understand that North Carolina laws can make it challenging for you to get benefits. Our lawyers leverage aggressive litigation tactics to fight the system on your behalf.

Our success with appellate cases significantly impacted NC laws. We’ll handle the investigation, filing, and negotiating of a fair settlement for you.

Attorney Mark Sumwalt

Mark Sumwalt is a native of Rock Hill, South Carolina who has practiced law in Charlotte since 1981, primarily in the field of worker’s compensation. He has litigated hundreds of cases to decision all over the state and handled many significant appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court, particularly in the area of attendant care. [ Attorney Bio ]


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