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Property owners, whether they are businesses or private property owners, have a duty to keep visitors to the property safe. This primarily involves taking the time to make repairs to sidewalks, removing potential tripping obstacles, installing adequate lighting, adding warning signs about hazards, and other steps. Should you end up with injuries because a property owner failed in these areas, our Charlotte premises liability lawyers are ready to help with your case.

Our team of premises liability attorneys in Charlotte understand that these types of accidents can be awkward to discuss. You may have some hesitancy about bringing an injury claim, especially if the property belongs to a neighbor or friend. Remember, however, that you did not do anything wrong. Your injuries did not need to happen. In a case like this, you may feel better knowing that the property owner’s insurance company likely will end up paying any settlement amount, rather than your neighbor or friend.

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How Our Premises Liability Attorneys Can Help You Work Toward Your Largest Potential Award

After you suffer an injury on another party’s property, you may hear from the insurance company representing that party within a few days. The insurer may claim that it wants to pay you a settlement as quickly as it can. Although it may be tempting to accept the immediate, first offer from the insurance company, this rarely is in your best interest.

Instead, consider hiring our Charlotte premises liability lawyers to represent you. Our team has extensive experience dealing with insurers in cases like this. We know that insurers often try to settle these cases quickly, because once you agree to a settlement, you cannot seek additional money if you discover new health problems in the future. With our team on your side, trust that we will work hard to make sure all of your injuries and any long-term health issues you are facing are part of the settlement.

Our Premises Liability Law Firm Will Create a Strategy That Fits Your Precise Claim

At Sumwalt Anderson, our team has decades of collective experience representing victims of the negligence of other parties. When someone else makes a preventable error that leads to you suffering an injury that affects your life in a negative way, you should have a settlement. Our wins over the years for our clients include dozens of seven-figure settlement amounts. Although we cannot guarantee that you will win such a large amount in your claim, trust that we will work tirelessly to give you a chance at winning the largest potential award.

We are ready to put the techniques we used in our successful past cases to work for you. Understand, however, that our premises liability attorneys are always willing to adjust our plans to meet the exact situation you are facing. Successfully helping injured victims requires an ability to deliver personalized representation from a legal standpoint, while always placing our clients’ needs at the forefront of all of our decisions and strategies. We know that each case is unique, and we can use that knowledge to gain an edge on the insurance company.

Determining What You Could Win in Your Premises Liability Case

As a general rule, a victim who suffers life-altering injuries in a premises liability case will have the greatest chance at winning a large settlement. If you end up missing several weeks or months of work, if you have large medical bills, and if you have a potential for a reduced quality of life well into the future because of your injuries, you could win a significant settlement. If you only miss a couple of days of work and if you do not require a hospital stay because of your injuries, you may only have a chance at winning a small award.

Understand, however, that no ethical attorney will give you a guarantee about how much money you may win in a personal liability claim. Our team of Charlotte premises liability lawyers will not make promises like this. After you hire us, we will listen to your explanation of the facts in your case. We will study any police reports and any video or photographs of the accident scene. We will speak with witnesses. We will interview your doctors to determine the extent of your health problems from your personal injury case. Our team will try to pinpoint whether you will have lingering pain or injuries. Once we have all of that information in hand, we then can gain an idea about the amount of money we should request in a settlement claim.

How Our Premises Liability Attorney in Charlotte Can Help You with Negotiations

Negotiations are important in premises liability cases. We will take over correspondence and negotiations with the insurer on your behalf once you hire us. If we can reach a strong settlement for you through negotiations, this gives you a sure outcome in the case. You know exactly what you will receive and when. On the other hand, should the case go to court, we cannot guarantee a sure outcome. Knowing this, rest assured that we will work hard during negotiations with the insurance company to try to win a settlement for you and give you a guaranteed outcome.

After the insurer makes an offer, our premises liability law firm will work with you to decide whether the risk of going to court is a better option than accepting the offered amount. Even though a court case is not a sure thing, sometimes the insurer refuses to negotiate in good faith, and we may end up recommending going to court.

We understand that working through all of these options can be challenging. Trust that our Charlotte premises lability lawyers will be with you every step of the way. We will work hard toward winning a settlement for you, whether that occurs in negotiations or in court. Call Sumwalt Anderson at (704) 377-3770 as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Cases Our Charlotte Premises Liability Lawyers Handle

Premises liability injuries can involve a wide range of accidents. Having so many potential causes adds quite a bit of complexity to a premises liability case. It also means that our Charlotte premises liability lawyers encounter clients who initially don’t think they are eligible to file a claim. Yet, many of them find out after meeting with us that they actually do have a case. We are ready to meet with you to help you determine your eligibility for an award. Here are some common liability cases, although these examples don’t cover all potential situations.

Slip and Fall Cases

Should you fall on someone else’s property, this can result in a premises liability slip and fall claim. If you slipped on spilled liquid left on the floor, on a loose rug, on a broken stair, or on another item that the property owner needed to fix or clean up, you likely have a case.

Trip and Fall Cases

A trip and fall case is common for people who suffer an injury while visiting a store or business. The business owner may leave a box or other equipment in a common walkway. Should you stumble over this hazard and injure yourself in the fall, you may have the ability to seek damages. Business owners have a responsibility to keep the area in a condition that is safe for visitors.

Warehouse Accidents

Shopping or working at large warehouse stores can be dangerous to navigate. These huge buildings often have forklifts and large equipment in use to move heavy objects on and off shelves and platforms. Employees at the warehouse usually know the techniques and processes to follow to maintain the maximum levels of safety. However, as a visitor, you cannot be expected to understand all of these protocols. Warehouse owners must do everything they can to help you avoid hazards, including providing, informing you of potential hazards, and eliminating the use of dangerous machinery around you that could create an injury accident.

Should you suffer an injury while visiting the warehouse, you may qualify to file a premises liability claim. If the property owner did not maintain a safe environment for you, this is a sign of negligence that our warehouse accident lawyer can use to try to seek a claim in your favor.

Parking Lot Accidents

When you drive to an event or a public parking lot at night, you expect to encounter a safe environment. However, if the parking lot does not have adequate lighting, causing you to step in a hole or to trip over a hazard, you could suffer a significant injury that results in missed work and large medical bills. Failing to install or repair lighting in a parking lot may be a sign of negligence that gives you the ability to file a claim.

Negligent Security

When you are visiting a sports arena, a concert venue, or a shopping mall, you expect to be able to enjoy the area safely. Should the venue owner fail to hire enough security personnel or to give them the proper training, however, this could be a sign of negligence if you suffer an injury in an assault. If the arena owner installs security cameras to try to protect visitors, the arena must have enough people available to monitor the cameras and to watch for potential assaults. If not, this is another potential sign of negligence.

Our Charlotte Premises Liability Lawyers Will Work Toward Winning the Settlement That You Deserve

As part of our representation of you in your claim, we will perform a thorough investigation of the accident. Our experience as successful investigators can significantly help your chances of winning a claim. Regardless of the time and effort required, we will work to find the facts and proof we need to show the insurer why it should pay you a claim. Once we can prove that the property owner is responsible for your injuries because of a negligent act on his or her property, you are eligible to seek damages for certain losses, including:

  • Reimbursed medical bills
  • Reimbursed lost wages
  • Judgment for pain and suffering
  • Judgment for reduced quality of life

You also can receive an amount to reimburse you for wages you will not be able to earn in the future because of your injuries, as well as an estimate for costs for future medical care you will need. Trust that our premises liability law firm will determine the fairest amount to request in your case, depending on the level of financial loss you suffered and on the severity of your injuries. We will take the time to understand your case fully, which gives us the information we need to seek a judgment from the insurance company.

Why You Should Choose the Charlotte Premises Liability Lawyers at Sumwalt Anderson

A slip and fall accident that involves a premises liability claim can result in a highly frustrating case for the victim. You did nothing wrong. You may have been walking along, enjoying the day, when an unexpected hazard catches you unaware. Suddenly, you are in significant pain. You may end up with injuries that leave you unable to work or to enjoy your life like you did before the accident.

We understand the frustration of this type of accident. Had the property owner simply done the job of caring for the property in a proper manner, you would not be dealing with such a stressful health and financial situation. Our premises liability attorneys in Charlotte know how tough these cases are for the victim. We take pride in helping victims receive the financial judgment they should have. We know that it can be a lonely feeling when you are facing a long recovery process after your injury. Our premises liability law firm will do everything we can to try to relieve your stress.

We are ready to begin working on your case as soon as you choose to hire us, which hopefully will result in a faster settlement. For a free case review, contact Sumwalt Anderson today at (704) 377-3770. Understand that you typically have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit from the date of the accident, according to North Carolina statute § 1-52. As long as you contact us early enough, our team will make sure your case stays on track and meets all deadlines.

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Richard “Rick” Anderson is a native Charlottean. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990 and his Juris Doctorate law degree from the Wake Forest University School of Law in 1993. Rick focuses his practice on workers’ compensation, medical negligence, and catastrophic personal injury cases. You will find Rick to be an honest and dedicated advocate ready to fight for his clients. When he accepts your case, Rick makes a personal commitment to you and uses his 27 years of knowledge and experience to advance your lawsuit to achieve a successful outcome. [ Attorney Bio ]

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