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No one leaves home in the morning expecting to end up in a serious motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, because some drivers on the roads in North Carolina do not watch out for their fellow drivers and behave in a reckless manner behind the wheel, it can lead to an accident that you had no chance to avoid and that was not your fault, leaving you needing medical care.

In a case like this, you do not deserve to suffer financially because of the negligent actions of another driver. Whether you have medical costs to pay, you lost wages from missing work after your injuries, or you have a long-term disability related to the accident, you have the right to seek a financial award. The Indian Trail car accident lawyers at Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm are ready to help you seek the full amount in damages that you deserve to have.


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How Our Indian Trail Car Injury Accident Law Firm Can Help You With Your Case

At Sumwalt Anderson, our personal injury attorneys have the skill and experience to give you the best chance at a favorable outcome. Our team has more than seven decades of collective experience helping injured people. Our ability to handle the ups and downs of your case is key to seeking a winning outcome.

Attorney Mark Sumwalt

When Mark T. Sumwalt is representing you, you will be receiving a level of experience that is difficult for other Indian Trail car accident attorneys to match. Mark has been defending the rights of injured people for more than four decades. He has litigated hundreds of cases to a conclusion, including in front of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and he is proud of his track record as a trial lawyer. Although, in most car accident cases, we try to negotiate a settlement without having to go to trial, sometimes litigating the case in court is unavoidable. If so, you can trust Mark to prepare thoroughly for your case, giving us the best chance to win an award.

Attorney Richard Anderson

Richard L. Anderson also brings extensive experience to the negotiating table and to the courtroom on behalf of our clients. He has more than three decades of representing injured people. Having such a wealth of experience gives him the ability to create strategies that perfectly fit the facts in your case. Richard relies on successful strategies we’ve used in the past, always tweaking them to fit the unique and specific facts of your car accident claim.

Types of Awards Our Indian Trail Car Accident Attorneys Will Seek for You

When you suffer injuries in a car crash that was not your fault, you have the right to seek awards in a few different areas. The experience of our car injury accident lawyers serving Indian Trail is vital in this area, as we can use our results in past cases similar to yours to determine whether the insurance company is treating you fairly by offering you the true amount you deserve in a financial award.

  • Medical costs: We will seek payment for all medical costs you incurred so far, as well as an estimate of the costs you will have in the future as you continue with your treatment.
  • Lost wages: If you could not earn a living while recovering from your injuries, we will ask the insurance company to reimburse you for these lost wages. We will seek an amount equal to the estimated wages you cannot earn in the future, too, as well as any losses in employment benefits that you had.
  • Pain and suffering: Our team’s experience is especially helpful in calculating pain and suffering in a car accident settlement, as such amounts don’t have an exact reimbursement amount associated with them and often depend on our ability to create a compelling argument on your behalf.

Insurance companies usually try to give victims less money than they actually deserve. The insurer can increase its profit margin by paying less in settlements. Our Indian Trail, NC, car injury accident lawyers stand up to the insurer for you, operating as an important advocate.

Why You Should Trust Our Indian Trail Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys, Rather Than Representing Yourself

You have the right to represent yourself against the insurance company. No law in North Carolina requires accident victims to hire legal representatives.

However, when you attempt to represent yourself in negotiations with the insurance company, you may struggle to convince the insurer about the full depth of your injuries and how they are affecting your life. You can be certain the insurance company is going to question your story and your injury claims, all in an effort to sow doubt and to try to convince you to accept less money than what it paid in similar cases in the past.

Once you have legal representation from Sumwalt Anderson on your side, though, we can use the facts in the case and reports from your doctors to prove the true level of your injuries. Our experience is invaluable in this area, as we know how to present the facts in a way that the insurance company must respect. We find that insurers often take your case more seriously as soon as you have a legal team with a track record of successful outcomes on your side, like Sumwalt Anderson.

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If Sumwalt Anderson Does Not Win an Award in Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing

Our car accident attorneys in Indian Trail, NC, know that it can be difficult to justify the cost of hiring legal representation when you are already facing financial hardships related to your injuries and inability to work. That’s why we believe so strongly in representing our clients on a contingency fee basis. It costs nothing at the time you hire us, and you do not pay us anything unless we win your case. Our fee then is a percentage of the final award amount.

You have no risk by reaching out to us. Call Sumwalt Anderson today at (704) 377-3770 for a free case review. You are under no obligation to hire us after this no-cost consultation.

Attorney Richard Anderson

Richard “Rick” Anderson is a native Charlottean. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990 and his Juris Doctorate law degree from the Wake Forest University School of Law in 1993. Rick focuses his practice on workers’ compensation, medical negligence, and catastrophic personal injury cases. You will find Rick to be an honest and dedicated advocate ready to fight for his clients. When he accepts your case, Rick makes a personal commitment to you and uses his 27 years of knowledge and experience to advance your lawsuit to achieve a successful outcome. [ Attorney Bio ]

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