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North Carolina laws provide that all employers must ensure the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for a workplace to be become completely safe. Accidents at work frequently occur in Hickory, North Carolina.

Luckily, injured workers in Hickory, North Carolina, have adequate legal remedies to ensure they are adequately compensated. For instance, they can receive money from the state workers’ compensation program to recover the cost of their injuries, including disability allowances and medical expenses. No matter who caused the accident, all wounded employees in Hickory are eligible for compensation.

If you or your loved one has sustained injuries at the workplace, it is vital to contact a knowledgeable Hickory, NC, workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible. They will advise you of your rights and help you meet your responsibilities while ensuring you get the highest possible compensation.

At Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm, our team of skilled Hickory, NC, workers’ compensation attorneys will leverage all the best techniques to ascertain that you move on with life after the injury. They treat each case uniquely since there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

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Hickory, NC, Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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Why Choose Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm

Richard Anderson is dedicated to defending those who suffer occupational injuries that would otherwise be overlooked. He is well-versed in NC workers’ compensation law and knows how to use it to your advantage as a Charlotte native and experienced trial lawyer.

In North Carolina, Mark Sumwalt is another top-notch attorney with a long history of winning workers’ compensation disputes in court. He has filed several appeals, pursued dozens of cases to a conclusion, and worked to reform the way that state law is applied in favor of his clients.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Hickory, NC, are committed to advancing your cause. We will stand with you whether your case is ultimately heard by a trial court, appeal court, Supreme Court, or North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). The results of our hard work and diligence are not merely hypothetical; we have won claims that have actually improved the law.

We have also succeeded in obtaining significant payouts for injured workers. We received $2.7 million for a client who installs vinyl windows. His metal ladder landed on live electrical wire, causing severe burns and necessitating amputation of two toes, the left foot, and both arms. Another standout case was a nurse who was severely attacked by a patient. We were able to negotiate $2.1 million in compensation.

We Will Help You Determine and Fight For Your Employee’s Rights

Once you have been injured at your workplace, it is the responsibility of your employer to help and support you during recovery. After all, they may be accountable for your injury.

Unfortunately, there are many scenarios where the employer works against the injured person to refute the workers’ compensation claim. They may even argue that you were not their employee, especially if you were an independent contractor, undocumented worker, or minor.

With the help of our workers’ comp lawyers in Hickory, we will fight for your rights and prove your employment status when it comes into question. Our team is well-versed with the Workers’ Compensation Act in North Carolina and is ready to help you determine the proper employment classification in a court of law.

Whether you are a subcontractor, contractor, or any type of employee, you have the right to access a variety of alternatives and remedies through workers’ compensation insurance. We will make every effort to explain what happens next and demonstrate why you should receive workers’ comp insurance benefits for your medical expenses and lost wages.

But that doesn’t only apply to injuries caused by exposure to chemicals, handling heavy machinery or slip and falls at the workplace, it also includes car accidents or motorcycle accidents. That is, if you have to drive a car or ride a bike as part of your work and you suffer an accident, you might be able to sue for workers compensation and personal injury. If that’s the case, our car accident lawyer and motorcycle accident attorneys at Hickory will be ready to stand by your side.

Sumwalt Anderson Will Help and Guide You through a Negligence Claim

Your employer can also attempt to have your claim rejected by asserting that you were at fault for the injury. To avoid taking the blame, they might claim that you were intoxicated or high on drugs, for example.

Your manager doesn’t have the last say, even though Workers’ Comp Act 97-12 specifies particular guidelines regarding drunk employees who suffer workplace injuries. Our Hickory, NC, workers’ compensation lawyers will put forth every effort to gather evidence demonstrating you were sober or drug-free during the injury.

Let us assist you in demonstrating that you did not behave in a way that would preclude your claim. You can rely on us to assist you in creating a case showing that you were an innocent victim performing their regular work duties.

Our Team of Experienced Hickory Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Will Walk with You Every Step of the Way

We are very conversant with the claims procedure regarding workers’ compensation lawsuits. Given that you did not get hurt on purpose while on the job, we will work tirelessly to safeguard your rights. Being a workplace accident victim puts a stressful burden on your life. Your income decreases throughout recovery, and expenses might pile up while you cannot work.

Costs that you formerly accepted without complaint quickly become burdensome. Worse yet, you’ll probably have to shoulder additional financial obligations, such as paying for medical procedures that are currently your best option for restarting your profession and life.

Workers’ compensation aims to compensate you for the hardships a work injury has brought your way. But you must clear various hurdles to submit a claim. The process is very comprehensive as it involves everything from providing thorough documentation to acquiring proof and meeting strict deadlines. Your once sure-bet claim could be rejected purely on technical factors if you make a mistake. This is especially true if you experience difficulty remembering all the deadlines or filling out paperwork when you’re on medication, recovering from a brain injury, or just enduring discomfort.

Our Hickory, NC, workers’ comp lawyer can help you every step of the way. We firmly feel that you deserve the time and space it will take to fully recover, and we are proud to assist you in that effort.

Our Team Will Help You Fight the Denial of your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Even though your employer might not have accepted your workers’ compensation claim the first time, you don’t have to give up. You may appeal the decision and petition a hearing before the NCIC if you are denied.

Even if you cannot attend due to your injuries, we will ensure that you are well represented at your appellate mediation conference. We’ll provide proof that your claims are valid and try to persuade the mediator that the workers’ compensation insurance provider must settle.

Other options are available if the mediator doesn’t become convinced, such as going to a hearing before a deputy commissioner or judge. To increase your prospects of winning a settlement, we will once more provide evidence in your favor.

Regardless of whether you have prior knowledge of the claims procedure or have already filed an appeal, we are ready to work with you. Contact our workers’ comp lawyers in Hickory at (704) 377-3770 for a free consultation.

Do I Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Hickory, NC?

Workplace accidents can alter your life and generate stress and turbulence in your daily routine. You might be concerned about how you’ll support your family if you cannot work. The question of who will cover all your medical expenses may be more crucial.

Fortunately, your Hickory, NC, workers’ compensation attorney can assist. At Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm, we can help you handle the workers’ comp system, respond to your inquiries regarding your rights and entitled benefits, and, if necessary, contest unfair denials. You don’t have to go it alone.

By completing and submitting all required documents to your employer and the workers’ comp insurance provider on your behalf, we will help you pursue a claim. To ensure you obtain all the benefits you are entitled to, we’ll submit all the paperwork accurately and on time. In the interim, you can concentrate on getting better from your wounds.

We’re prepared to put together a case for a hearing in front of an administrative judge if your insurance provider doesn’t accept a comprehensive, fair, and out-of-court settlement. We can also appeal the decision from your hearing if the outcome is disappointing.

An attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation will also suggest whether you should file a claim against a specific individual other than the employer. It might be possible to hold that person legally liable for the harm caused if they recklessly or negligently caused your injuries. This would result in more compensation, supplemental to what you win in your workers’ comp case if you win a claim for personal injury against a third party.

Types of Compensation Available in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Our workers’ compensation attorney in Hickory, NC, will ensure you get the best possible result from your claim. Depending on your case, you may receive workers’ compensation benefits in the form of:

Compensation for Medical Expenses

Settlement for your workers’ compensation claim can include coverage of your medical costs such as fees pertaining to general care, pain relief and prescription medications, emergency care and surgeries, disability recovery, and more.

Wage Loss Benefits

This would include a portion of your salary at your employment if your condition prevented you from working. Most victims receive roughly two-thirds of their regular wage, which does not fully replace their income. However, it can assist you in meeting your daily expenses.

Benefits for Permanent Injury

Some injured employees will never reach maximum medical improvement, due to permanent damage, like the amputation of limbs or severe brain injury. As a result, the best choice for safeguarding your family’s financial stability could be to apply for disability benefits, as these impairments may prevent you from working in the long run.

Getting an accurate diagnosis of impairment is not always straightforward. Your doctor or workers’ compensation insurance provider may not share the view that your sustained injuries are long-lasting and incapacitating. Sumwalt Anderson Law Firm is prepared to support you in your struggle to obtain the permanent injury benefits you are due.

For instance, if your injury affects your spine or brain, it will be difficult to do anything, meaning there are few chances for full recovery. Patients with spinal and brain injuries must pay enormous medical costs and undergo irreversible lifestyle changes. Luckily, we are here to guide you through your claim and fight for your rights.

Know the Position of Your Workers’ Comp Claim with the Help of Our Workers’ Comp Lawyers in Hickory

Your workplace accident doesn’t have to end life as you knew it. The obstacles you’ll face may be formidable, but we’re ready to assist you in overcoming them and recovering with the aid of workers’ compensation. Contact us at (704) 377-3770 and schedule a free consultation.

Attorney Mark Sumwalt

Mark Sumwalt is a native of Rock Hill, South Carolina who has practiced law in Charlotte since 1981, primarily in the field of worker’s compensation. He has litigated hundreds of cases to decision all over the state and handled many significant appeals to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court, particularly in the area of attendant care. [ Attorney Bio ]


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