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Matthews, NC, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists who enjoy traveling the roads of North Carolina understand the risks of severe injury in an accident. But as any experienced Matthews, NC, motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you, even if you as a rider take every potential precaution while on your motorcycle and operate it safely, you cannot control the reckless behavior of another motor vehicle operator on the roads.

If this other driver makes an error and causes an accident for you while you are riding your motorcycle, you have the right to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma. At Sumwalt Anderson, our Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers understand the way your life can change forever after a serious crash. We will work hard to seek the benefits you deserve. Contact us at 206-741-1051 today for a free review of your case. You are under no obligation to hire us after this review.

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Matthews, NC, Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Injuries Our Matthews, NC, Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Often See

Our Experienced Matthews Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Are on Your Side

Because motorcyclists are exposed on their motorcycles, they often suffer extensive injuries in accidents. Safety equipment helps immensely. However, the potential for life-changing injuries is high.

For this reason, you need a Matthews, NC, motorcycle accident attorney to fight for maximum compensation for your losses. At Sumwalt Anderson, we understand how just compensation provides relief for your life as you move forward.

Head and Brain Injuries

The helmet law in the U.S. has saved countless motorcyclists from death and serious injury. However, some accidents are so intense that the helmet ultimately fails to provide enough protection, and some motorcyclists ride without them.

According to studies, a helmet’s effectiveness in preventing death maxes out at 41% — and 69% for preventing head injuries.

Spinal Injuries

Riders can suffer various forms of spinal trauma in an accident. Although some believe that helmets can increase spinal damage due to torque forces generated in an accident, studies have shown this view to be erroneous.

Much of the spinal damage motorcyclists experience occurs through compression, twisting, or both, often resulting in paralysis and death.

Burns and Abrasions

Riders may become burned or experience scraping injuries in accidents. Frequently, they are jettisoned from the bike and then skid or roll on the pavement, especially in situations where a negligent driver cuts them off. The right protective clothing can make a big difference in these crashes.

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Broken bones are common, as are injured muscles. Without a protective housing around them, motorcyclists face powerful impacts that riders in cars do not. Although helmets and pads can protect many of the bones in the body, many remain unprotected and vulnerable to trauma.

Internal Injuries

Blunt-force trauma is common in motorcycle accidents and often leads to internal injuries. Forces strong enough to break ribs can lead to broken pieces of bone that puncture internal organs and cause internal bleeding. Internal injuries may also be caused by objects piercing or stabbing the body.

Motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injury invariably produce substantial damages for victims and their families. They need compensation to help them cover their losses and begin the journey of putting their lives back together. A Matthews, NC, motorcycle accident attorney can help.

Trust Our Matthews Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to Defend Your Rights

We Can Help You with Your Motorcycle Injury Case in Numerous Ways

Because the motorcycle is smaller than a motor vehicle or truck, it may seem like you as the motorcycle operator should always be the victim and should have an easy time winning your claim. However, just because you suffered injuries while riding your motorcycle, or just because your motorcycle is smaller than the car that hit you, this does not guarantee that you will win your claim.

These types of claims can have some complexity to them. Understand that insurance companies rarely will simply make the payment you are seeking. The insurance company may not accept 100% fault on the part of its driver who hit you. The insurer may try to introduce evidence that shows you are partially at fault for the crash, which would negate your chance to receive a settlement in North Carolina. You may need to defend your rights to seek an award from the driver who hit you. Our Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to work on your behalf, introducing facts that show you did not do anything to cause the accident.

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Matthews Will Start By Proving Who Caused the Crash

Before we can win your motorcycle accident claim against another driver, we have to show that the other driver caused the accident through negligent or reckless actions. We will investigate the facts behind the crash to show that you did not do anything wrong and that the other driver is entirely at fault. Some of the methods our Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers may deploy to try to show fault on the part of the other driver include:

  • Reviewing police reports and traffic tickets issued
  • Studying the accident scene
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Reviewing any video of the crash
  • Discussing the cause of your injuries with your doctor
  • Consulting with an accident recreation expert.

You may have a greater level of interest in learning how much you can win in your settlement than you do about this type of investigative work. However, when the insurance company is trying to blame you for the crash in an effort to reduce its payment or to avoid paying anything, our investigative work is the key to helping you avoid these potential setbacks to win your claim.

We Will Seek a Fair Financial Settlement for You in a Few Different Areas

When filing a claim after your motorcycle accident, you can attempt to receive payments for multiple items. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Matthews, NC, will work hard to ensure that you win the amount you should have in each portion of the settlement.

  • Medical bills: A settlement regarding your medical costs related to the injuries you suffered in the accident should account for any emergency care you required, for surgeries, for physical therapy, and for other medical costs. The award we will seek should compensate you for your actual medical expenses up to the time you agree to the settlement, as well as for an estimate of any medical costs you will have in the future.
  • Lost wages: If you cannot work because of the injuries you suffered in the motorcycle crash, you can receive an award that reimburses you for any income you were unable to earn. If you cannot work in the future or if you need to work fewer hours, a calculation of this amount can be part of the settlement, too.
  • Pain and suffering: The pain and suffering judgment after a motorcycle crash that was not your fault can include a payment for things like a reduced quality of life, disfiguring or disabling injuries you suffered, emotional trauma, nightmares, depression, and an inability to participate in the activities you enjoyed before the accident. This pain and suffering part of the settlement is the trickiest one to negotiate, because it doesn’t involve fixed amounts. Our team’s experience in this area can provide a significant benefit to you.

Losing a family member in an accident caused by another’s negligence is a devastating experience, and we understand the emotional and financial toll it can take on your family. Wrongful death claims aim to provide compensation for a range of losses, including funeral and burial expenses, medical bills incurred prior to death, loss of income and financial support, loss of companionship, and emotional suffering.

We recognize that no amount of money can replace your loved one, but a settlement brought about by our experienced Matthews wrongful death attorneys can help alleviate some of the financial pressures during this difficult time, allowing you to focus on healing and remembering your family member.

How Much Could My Motorcycle Crash Award Be Worth?

Our Matthews, NC, Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Will Seek the Settlement You Deserve

Motorcycle crashes involving negligence on the part of the other driver could be worth anywhere from four figures to eight figures. The value of your settlement will depend on the particular facts in your case. If you suffer injuries that leave you with disfigurement, unable to work, or unable to enjoy life in the same way you did before the crash, you should have a chance to win a larger award. If you can return to work and your normal life within a few days after the crash, your settlement may involve a smaller award.

Our Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers will not guarantee that you will win a certain amount in your claim, and no Matthews, NC motorcycle accident lawyer should.  However, after you hire us and after we have a chance to delve into the facts of your accident, we should be able to give you an estimate of the amount you could win. Understand that it is unethical for us to guarantee that you will win a certain amount. Making such guarantees is unfair to you as the client.

We understand the challenges associated with recovering from a motorcycle accident. You may be facing months or years of recovery, and you may have a limited ability to work during this time. This can significantly affect your family’s financial well-being. Our Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers appreciate your placing your trust in us, and we take this responsibility seriously. For a free consultation, call Sumwalt Anderson today at 704-377-3770.

Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Matthews, NC, Take Pride in Our Responsiveness to Clients

Our clients often are going through the process of filing a personal injury claim for the first time when they hire us. After a motorcycle crash with injuries, filing a claim can be a confusing process. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Matthews are constantly available to our clients to answer questions and to discuss the case. Some of the most common questions we hear include the following.

  • Do I really need to hire Matthews motorcycle accident lawyers after my crash?

    The decision to hire representation after your crash primarily depends on your personal situation. If you were able to recover within a couple of days from the injuries you suffered in the accident and if you only miss a day or two of work, you probably can settle this simple type of claim yourself without the need to hire our motorcycle accident lawyers in Matthews, NC. However, if your injuries will require weeks of care and if you may have pain and suffering well into the future, our team will work tirelessly to help you receive the settlement amount you should have.

  • What equipment is mandatory for my motorcycle in North Carolina?

    When traveling on the roadways, your motorcycle must be equipped with certain key items similar to those found on cars and trucks, such as:

    • Headlights
    • Brake lights
    • Turn signal lights
    • Rearview mirror
    • Windshield wipers.

    All motorcycles must pass an annual safety inspection in order to be registered in North Carolina. The inspection will check the above-listed items for functionality, as well as tires, the exhaust system, the parking and foot brakes, and the steering.

  • Will you guarantee that I will win my motorcycle crash settlement?

    We cannot guarantee that you will win your motorcycle crash claim. That would not be in keeping with our professional ethics. Any motorcycle accident attorney in Matthews who guarantees that you will win your claim is not being truthful with you. We cannot control what a jury or a judge will find in your claim, should it go to trial. All we can control and guarantee to you is that we will work hard and do everything we can to try to win the fairest possible award in your claim. Our Matthews, NC, motorcycle accident attorneys have decades of collective experience representing victims. We use that experience to deliver outstanding representation for our clients. Our level of preparation and hard work often leads to the outcomes our clients are seeking, but there are no guarantees.

  • Will my motorcycle accident claim go to trial?

    Many personal injury claims, including those resulting from a motorcycle crash, settle during the negotiation phase. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Matthews will handle the negotiations with the insurance company for you. If we can come to a fair settlement amount during negotiations, we can put an end to the claim without needing to go to trial. However, if the insurer refuses to treat your claim fairly, our team and you together may determine that going to trial is the best option.

  • What if I was not wearing a motorcycle helmet during the crash?

    In North Carolina, the state’s contributory negligence law (statute § 1-139) means that you will struggle to recover any damages if the insurance company can show that your own negligence played any role in the crash or in your injuries.

  • How long do I have to file a personal injury claim after my motorcycle crash?

    North Carolina statute § 1-52 gives victims of motorcycle crashes up to three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Our team will make sure that your claim meets all of the rules in the state, including fitting within the three-year statute of limitations.

  • What happens if I was involved in a motorcycle accident at work?

    If you have a motorcycle accident while performing job-related duties, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in addition to any personal injury claims. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Matthews will do everything necessary to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries and lost wages.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions other than those listed above. We feel it is important that every client is kept in the loop concerning their case. If you’d like to get answers to your questions from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Matthews, then call us today.

Our Matthews Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Work on a Contingency Fee Basis

We understand that your family’s financial situation may be in flux after you suffer a debilitating injury in a motorcycle crash. If you are unable to work while you recover from your injuries, you may be unsure whether you can afford to hire our Matthews, NC, motorcycle accident attorneys. At Sumwalt Anderson, we understand this concern. We do not want to add to your financial worries. That is why we work on a contingency fee basis when we represent victims who suffer injuries in motorcycle accidents.

This means we do not charge our clients a fee ahead of time when they hire us. Instead, our payment for representing you will come from the final settlement award in the case. We receive a percentage of the amount received from the insurance company. If we do not win a settlement for you, you owe us nothing. Working on a contingency fee basis ensures that our financial interests align with yours when it comes to the outcome we are seeking in your case.

Attorney Richard Anderson

Richard “Rick” Anderson is a native Charlottean. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990 and his Juris Doctorate law degree from the Wake Forest University School of Law in 1993. Rick focuses his practice on workers’ compensation, medical negligence, and catastrophic personal injury cases. You will find Rick to be an honest and dedicated advocate ready to fight for his clients. When he accepts your case, Rick makes a personal commitment to you and uses his 27 years of knowledge and experience to advance your lawsuit to achieve a successful outcome. [ Attorney Bio ]

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